Jasmine Smith

Jasmine Smith spent her childhood in Virginia and trained many years at The Virginia Ballet Theatre. Pat Sorrell had a significant influence during Jasmine’s formative years. Following the close mentoring of Ms. Sorrell, Jasmine continued her dance training under many prestigious teachers, such as: Rachel Hamrick, Madame Adrienne Dallas, and Zelma Bustillo. Rachel Hamrick is currently the founder of the Flexistretcher, used by dancers all over the world. Madame Dellas has worked alongside Debbie Allen while she was founding her studio in California. Madame Dellas also created and choreographed her own unique Ballet that showcased Jasmine’s abilities as a dancer. At age 15, Jasmine was a part of Joffrey Ballet’s trainee program for professional dancers.

Jasmine has performed for The William & Mary presentation of “The Nutcracker” for a number of years. She has performed alongside the likes of Travis Wall, Adrienne Canterna, and Melanie Hamrick. Jasmine also performed with Ballet Hispanico in NYC. Jasmine graduated from James Madison University as a centennial scholar. During her time at JMU she was a member of The Contemporary Dance Ensemble. Jasmine was also a lead choreographer of various pieces performed by the ensemble. She has also performed professionally as a dancer at Busch Gardens Theme Parks.

Jasmine’s dance teaching philosophy:

“It is not just the movement but the passion behind the movement that creates its beauty.”

Jasmine’s love for dance has kept her teaching for the past 15 years. She has branched from Ballet Director to Competitive Coach. This year (2017), one of the students she worked very closely with won the title of “Miss Teen On Pointe” while performing Jasmine’s choreography. Jasmine’s love for teaching keeps her students motivated and inspired to be the best they can be.